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Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 9: One more to go

Last night the 9th installment of the critically acclaimed HBO Original Game of Thrones premiered.  To the astonishment of most watchers (except for the educated few who have read the books) another huge plot twist occurred, leaving viewers slack jawed and distraught.  (Spoiler if you haven’t seen Episode 9 don’t read any further).  The deaths of four of the largest characters throughout the majority of the season forced people to come to the frightening reality that George R. R. Martin is not afraid to kill off any character in the GOT universe.  I want to give a Stark warning (see what I did there) to all GOT fans:   No one is safe.  It does not matter how powerful, old, rich, or attractive any character may be.  They are not safe.

Looking on to the next and final episode of the third season (only encompassing the first half of the third book) which airs next Sunday June 9th, many people will be wondering what could possibly be next.  I can promise you if you think the twists and turns of this story are over you could not be further from the truth.  This story will keep you on the edge of your seat and pull on your emotions for its entirety.  If you do not say WTF to yourself while crying as your favorite character just got killed off at least once more before this TV show has run its course I will personally come to your house and pay the Iron Price for my mistake.   I hope everyone is ready for what will likely be another decade of one of the best shows to ever grace our televisions.



– Jayto Descartes


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