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Best Rappers in their 20’s

This is a great article discussing the music, success, and attitudes of many young up and comers in the rap game.

I can’t say I agree completely with the order of the list but it is well put together none the less.  I’ll preface by sayign that I am definitely a fan of Kid Cudi music and may be one of the few who really like his new album Indicud.  That being said I dont understand how you can list him behind Future (definetly on the up and up), Chance the Rapper (I’ve never even heard of him and would venture to guess that most people reading this won’t have either), Mac Miller (slightly legitimate), Schooboy Q (legitimate), A$AP Rocky (definitely legititmate), and the other top four who are more definitively holding down higher rankings.  Kid Cudi has released multiple albums that have had tons of radio play and are some of the most well known rap/hip-hop songs of their respective years.  To say that Mac Miller, Chance the Rapper, or Future should be ranked higher then him on a list of top 20 rappers under 20 is ludacris (see what I did there).  Disclaimer: I said I’m a Kid Cudi fan so I feel it necessary to mention I am also definitely a Mac Miller and Future fan.  According to, Kid Cudi has a net worth of 3.5 million, Future has a net worth of 500 thousand, and Mac miller has a net worth of 3 million.  This is interesting considereing the article with the rankings states that Mac Miller made 6.5 million last year as reported by Forbes (don’t know what happen to that other 2.5 mil).  Not to mention that Cudi had a co-starring role in a solid HBO series despite it being cancelled.

I don’t know what Complex was using to rate the rappers on this list but it seems to me that they are either very biased or simply don’t know what they’re talking about.


Feel free to tell me if you feel I’m wrong, I’m always up for a debate!  Also if you havn’t checked out the new Kid Cudi Album Indicud do it now.  Beez is a great track ft. RZA, and King Wizard and Cold Blooded are sick too.


-Jayto Descartes


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