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MLB Steroids and the Future of Professional Sports

Many major news outlets are publishing stories that up to 20 players are expected to get 50-100 game suspensions from the MLB as a result of the most recent performance enhancing drug situation. The
CNN article regarding this is linked below.


I don’t wish to discuss A-Rod or any of the other players involved with this situation and what punishments should be dealt to them. That is not for me to decide and I don’t believe I am even qualified to do so. Speaking as a Yankee fan I like many others am on the verge of not even wanting to see A-Rod back in a Yankee uniform. Even though he has played great at times for the Yanks, the off the field drama and other baggage that comes with A-Rod causes too many problems and distractions. I felt this way since I first heard of the new allegations. My feelings have recent changed though. Listening to the radio this morning I heard a talk show host say something along the lines of, aren’t you [the fans] at least kind of happy to see that this guy [A-Rod] is willing to do anything to be the best player he can be. While A-Rod’s, like most pro athletes, motivations are likely selfish and not team oriented it still is true that we want to see the players on the teams we root for be the best they can be. As long as substances are available, illegal or not, players will always use them and hope to not get caught. With millions of dollars on the line I’d like to meet a person who wouldn’t given the opportunity. Increases in medicine will only allow for bigger advantages to those who use these substances. This is where we get into the future of pro sports.

It is likely that new and better performance enhancing substances will continue to be produced. These substances are also likely to be harder and harder to detect in the human body. This means that at some point professional sports leagues will be in capable of having proper and fair testing of players or they will have to allow the use of substances. Thus I propose that all professional sports leagues separate into a league which allows the use of performance enhancing drugs and one which does not. This will allow for fair competition in both leagues. It will also allow for fair statistic keeping. Fans can still root for local teams but may choose to be more on the side of the naturalist league or the technologically advanced league.

Which league would you be a fan of? Let me know what you think.


-Jayto Descartes


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