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Alex Buccilli: Seriously, Bro?

I have come across individuals like Alex Buccilli in my days. Who hasn’t come across one of these guys on the little league field, in high school, college, in your company softball league? Some people just love to do messed up shit. Somehow some of these guys even make it to the pros (see Tony Batista). Hardos like this guy exist within every facet of life. Hell, I may have even been that guy. Regardless of the setting, when that guy steps up to the proverbial plate, there is only one thing to do: Sit back, and enjoy.


When it comes to Alex Buccilli though, questions start racing through my head. Who does this guy think he is? Does he honestly think that this batting stance will help him make contact with the ball? I know it’s probably a mental OCD thing, but when you get to this level of competition here you should maybe take on some habits that, you know, help your game. From his stats (.271/.349/.420) he doesn’t seem that bad, but his stance completely kills it for him. Even though people have been doing quirky things since the beginning of time and succeeding (Case and point – Nomar Garciaparra), there is just no way this guy is any good.

I can even deal with Nomar’s ridiculous Velcro routine after seeing the likes of Alex Buccilli. Even so, there are tons of players that play their lead foot back in their stance and don’t look like a total jackass. We can all agree that there is no chance this guy develops into a major league player. But will he rock that stance in the minors like it’s his job? Absolutely.

That being said, once this guy’s washed up funky stance career is over, could you picture if this guy brought these quirks into the work place? Seriously. You have to imagine that if this guy takes the plate looking like this, that he has to be totally effed up in the head. I bet this guy eats food with his feet, most definitely rocked a rattail for the majority of his life, and has a tattoo commemorating the death of his ferret. Take a lap, Buccilli.


Side Note – Does anyone actually remember Tony Batista though? Guy just loved crushing baseballs in the weirdest way possible.


– OsandNattyBohs


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