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This Russian Kid Is LOVING This Dance Club

Check out this kid. I have watched this video about 20 times. This kid is having the time of his life and I guess in Russia it’s completely normal for children to hang out at dance clubs with no regard for bed time. I love this kid though. He’s awesome. I’m willing to bet this kid would have potentially been the next Michael Jackson – Russia style. I say would have because this video was clearly filmed in the early 1990’s and he’s probably dead by now. Why? That creeper who tapped him on the side 20 seconds into the video has pedophile written all over him. 10 seconds after the camera panned away from the kid the guy pulled a fast one, grabbed the kid, took him to his van where he proceeded to turn him into a child sex slave and he’s been long gone ever since. That’s Russia for you. One second everything is cool and you’re hanging out in a rave club, then the next thing you know you’re strapped to a mattress in the back of a van. Shit gets real serious, real quick.

R.I.P. Little Guy

Side Note: I recently watched a VICE documentary on a month-long rave festival in Ukraine called “Kazantip.” It sheds light on the Ukrainian rave culture and the ways people seek personal freedom in attending these raves that are more like a giant orgy. And I forgot to mention that they are heavily attended by Ukrainian mobsters, and blah blah blah who really cares. If you have 20 minutes I recommend watching it. Warning: There are a lot of tits.

– OsandNattyBohs

Kazantip Documentary


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