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Game 4 Live Blog (2nd Period)

9:04- Rolex commerical: “Can Niklas Backstrom make 15 shots in 15 seconds?” Yes, but is that good by NHL standards? I have no idea.

9:09- Mike Eruzione’s in the house.  Game over. Bruins got it.

9:13- Marchand just randomly punches a dude in the face, starts fight.  Commentator’s quote:  “He’s just the best at it in the league right now.” Love hockey

9:16- Organist has moved onto Macklemore… Slightly more acceptable

9:24- Pens fans must be so confused when they see Jagr on the ice: “Didn’t we trade that guy like 10 years ago?”… “After he played for us for about 10 years”

9:31- Letang looks like a villain from a 90’s movie.  I’m thinking like Blue Streak, 3 Ninjas, Ace Ventura, something like that. (yes I’m that bored with this game)

9:34-Kaspars Daugaviņš (what kind of name is that??) with his 2nd shot on net.  He’s playing as well as anyone, and he was watching this series from a bar before Campbell got hurt and opened that roster spot.

9:41- Buzzer sounds, still 0-0.  This is honestly one of the most uneventful hockey games I’ve ever seen.  3rd period better be good or this live blog was totally not worth watching this game with a computer in front of me.



One response to “Game 4 Live Blog (2nd Period)

  1. I think the same thing every time I see that Backstrom commercial

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