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Live Blog: Bruins vs. Penguins Game 4 (1st Period)

8:10 pm- Puck drops, lets go B’s, time to fuck up some fools (Yes the above picture is Marchand making out with a chick with a bottle in hand after the Stanley Cup win in ’11)

8:14- Here’s my Coors Light Cold Hard Fact… I’m gonna drink about 10 Coors Lights before this one’s over

8:17- Boston Organist playing Fall Out Boy. No thanks chief

8:22- Commercial for an original USA show “Graceland.” Over/Under 3 episodes before that’s cancelled?

8:26- Penguins penalty: too many scrubs on the ice

8:27- I lose track of the puck

8:31- Okay, I found the puck again.

8:33- Buffalo Wild Wings looks so fun in the commercials, probably because they leave out the depressing mid-life crisis dudes who actually go to those places.

8:35- Gregory Campbell sighting, dude is basically Boston legend at this point. Jumping in front of shots with a broken leg. Best 4th-liner ever.

8:48- Pens try the alley-oop, sorry this isn’t The Mighty Ducks D2




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