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Live Blog Game 4 (3rd Period)

**Chara’s neck size = more impressive than his t-shirt collection

9:53- This has been said before, but is there a better job than the official Curator of the Stanley Cup?? Like, how do you get that job? Do you work your way up carrying around lesser-known trophies?

10:05- GOOOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLLLL.  Fuck yes.  McQuaid with the top-shelfer.  Bruins D has been amazing these playoffs.  Not only do the put up a shutout like every game, but they also get all the big goals.  Krug and McQuaid especially.  Those dudes ballsohard

10:10- Organist playing “Get Lucky”… Now we’re talking.

10:13- Field reporter  says Bruins are shuffling in and out of locker room because of “skate issues”.  Seems like something that shouldn’t happen in the NHL.

10:17- Checked the roster, Lucic is 6’5″, 225.  If Gronk’s not healthy, let’s give Milan a shot at Tight End in the preseason.  Dude’s a beast

10:21- Horton with the penalty to make it 4 v 4, to be followed by a Pens powerplay. Very dumb play.  Knock on wood, but this could end poorly for us.

10:24- Well fuck me right? Pens didn’t even get a shot off.  Losers.

10:35- Game over. Series over.  Just another standard shutout.  Holy shit, though, what a scramble in the final minute.  Very fitting the buzzer sounds as Rask snags the last shot.  See you in the finals baby!!


p.s.- For us to win it all I think Seguin needs to start putting up points.  Had the 2nd most goals on the team for the regular season, and in the playoffs he’s led the team in shots, but only has 1 goal.  I know he’s only 21, but this is his 3rd year of playoff experience.  Time to step up son.






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