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Ultimate People to Drink With: Bert Kreischer

It’s Friday night. Andrea is attempting to ruin our weekend, but we are fighting back hard with flash floods of our own in the form of libations. O’s are winning 1-0 in Tampa Bay and Manny Machado already has another double. You could call him a Machine. Which brings me to the point of this post…

My buddy and I are posted up riding out Andrea (that’s what she said) and are inviting a few people to help us polish off a few cases. I told him about this blog and he showed me a video of this comedian, Bert Kreischer. I have never heard about this guy, but my friend claimed he was absolutely hilarious. Lo and Behold I was laughing my dick off listening to this guy instantly. He has some ridiculous stories from his college days about being in Russia and drinking with mobsters. Evidently, the character Van Wilder was based off him. He was also rated the #1 Party Animal in the USA in 1997 by Rolling Stone (frat). This guy is definitely one of the guys. This raised the question…Who wuold be the ultimate people to get drunk with and be apart of your group of guys?


After hearing these ridiculous stories about his encounters with Russian mobsters (they evidently robbed a train while hammered on the way to Moscow) I knew Bert Kreischer had to be the inspiration for this blo’g. I could guarentee you Bert Kreischer and I could get into some fun stuff real fast, real quick. This guys nickname is literally “The Machine.” The reason he got this nickname is because he walked into the hotel room of the Russian mobsters that were escorting their Russian 4 class around the country because he got swinged into taking Russian after accidently by sitting in on a Russian 1 class his first semester of college and getting wheeled into staying in the class by the teacher who needed him to fill the quota for the class. Additionally, he went out with Tracy Morgan and got out of paying a $6000. That story is ridiculous too. This guy is a must see. Check out these videos and keep following us for the rest of the ultimate people who we would love to drink with. Leave us a comment if you have a suggestion for someone.

Happy Hurricane,


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