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Crazy Video: Shirtless Protester With Fire At The French Open Scares Nadal


I hate these people that try to get their 5 seconds of fame all at the cost of ruining an experience for everyone else. I’m sitting here and I turn on the French Open Final featuring Nadal and Ferrer. I don’t really like either of these guys, but the second I turn it on, a crazy shirtless protester wearing a mask runs onto the court with a burning object of some sort. It looks like it was a road flair. Check out this video, and enjoy your hangover today.

Quick Note – Yeah I am that guy that took a video of his TV and uploaded it to YouTube in hope of it becoming a viral video. Sue me.

Also, the funniest part about this situation was that this protester scared the living tits out of Nadal. He reacted so quickly because if you remember what happened to Monica Seles then his reaction was pretty understandable. Look that one up on YouTube (She was stabbed during a match).



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