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Cary Williams: NFL Player or Interior Designer?


Cary Williams is already having issues in Philadelphia and the fiestry Eagles fans already do not like him. I thought Cary Williams was okay when he played for the Ravens. He got significantly better over the years, but now that he has been passed on to Philadelphia he proves again that he has issues and I couldn’t be happier that we don’t have him anymore. I think Corey Graham is going to step it up next year, and I would be willing to bet that Lardarius Webb is going to return from injury with a Pro-Bowl year next year as well as step into a big leadership role in the Ravens defense. Combine that with the addition of Michael Huff and Matt Elam, this secondary could be better than last years.

Back to Cary Williams though and his recent troubles in Philadelphia. Williams has raised concerns with fans especially after missing OTAs for a variety of reasons, including his daughter’s dance recital, dental work, construction on his house and his wedding. While these OTAs are said to be voluntary, it is only understood that way by the players in name. These are esentially mandatory according to the players and if players want to earn respect they should be at these activities.

“Teams, organizations, the NFL itself hold players captive over the OTAs. They say it’s not mandatory but it’s mandatory, you know what I’m saying? If you want me to be there, if you want me to play football year-round, you don’t want me to not have an offseason, you don’t want me to have a personal life, let me know.”
-Cary Williams

After the last CBA, the players got a lot of extra time in the off-season and the OTAs that teams hold really only require 14-16 days of a player’s time in the offseason. Thus, I can understand why Eagles fans are pissed off that Williams has responded with comments like these when asked why he did not show up to certain activities. It’s pretty clear that Cary Williams does not care what the team thinks about his absence at OTAs and it’s sure not going to go over well with the Phili fans.

The thing I loved most about Cary Williams interview about the OTAs was his knowledge of interior design and his hands-on approach to home improvement. This is what Williams said:

“”I just had to make sure my sconces, my wood was picked out, my fireplace … it was a whole bunch of stuff that was going on.”

As my friend Bryant would say, “NEH! What does Cary Williams even know about home improvement!” But seriously, I’m suprised Cary Williams even knows what sconces are. The point of the matter though is that Cary Williams should be at these practices and its pretty hilarious that he is listing his home improvement as the reasons as to why he has not been to Eagles activities. News Flash, Cary: IT’S CALLED AN INTERIOR DESIGNER. You’re an NFL Football player. People like you pay other people to do this stuff for you. We’ll see how long Williams has a job if you continues to keep up this behavior. He might as well get his resume out to HGTV just in case the NFL works out so he can have his own interior design TV show. Just looking out for you, Cary.

I say the Eagles go 5-11 this year. A slight improvement from last year.



4 responses to “Cary Williams: NFL Player or Interior Designer?

  1. Chad Burkowitz ⋅

    you sound like an unintelligent ignorant bigoted condescending Ravens fan who’s just trying to make a laugh at Cary’s expense.
    the man sacrifices his body for your entertainment, let him pick out a fucking sconce (and don’t be surprised that he knows what they are … he’s older than you are, dumbass).

    • How is it being condescending to criticize a professional athlete for not attending his job. This guy is being paid millions of dollars to play football, a job 99% of people would kill for. The fact that he puts his body on the line does not have anything to do with this argument. If he didn’t want to sacrifice his body he didn’t have to play in the NFL. He does play in the NFL though and is rewarded very well for it. If you don’t think there’s something wrong with skipping practice to decorate your house you are an idiot. Would you get away with skipping work to decorate your house? What if your work was only a few months a year? And if you’re an eagles fan you should be especially pissed since he’s skipping out on you guys. Clearly you know nothing about professional athletics and the business of the game. Your attempts to criticize the writers of this website show tour lack of knowledge on this topic. Also trying to insinuate that the opinions of this article are based on home town favoritism further confirms this.

    • Ty ⋅

      Are you seriously defending Cary Williams skipping out on OTA’s for picking out his SCONCES? You don’t think that his interior designing could hold off until OTA’s were over? Maybe he should have gotten it done before OTA’s if they were that important. I understand the dental work and I can sympathized with the daughter involvement… but listen to how much he whined about OTA’s in the first place. Do you actually believe that if those weren’t the issues holding him back from appearing at OTA’s, that there wouldn’t be another to fill the void?

      You’re fooling yourself. Also, listen to Cary talk, he sounds like he wouldn’t know a sconce from a scone. Get real.

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