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NBA Finals Game 2 Recap

The Miami Heat beat the San Antonio Spurs 103-84 on Sunday night to tie the series at 1-1.  To be honest, this was the most lopsided game I’ve seen thus far in the 2013 playoffs.  The Heat absolutely dominated the 2nd half, and put the game out of reach with a 33-5 run.  You all know that I’m a Heat and Lebron hater, but my hat’s off to them with this game.  Seriously, when are the Spurs ever on the bad side of a 33-5 run?  In the Tim Duncan era, the Spurs have been the most consistent and poised team I’ve ever seen, which makes Game 2 absolutely shocking to me.  But that just goes to show how dangerous the Heat can be when they’re clicking.  I’ve often referred to the Spurs as the New England Patriots of basketball- Popovich is a brilliant but grumpy coach like Belichick, Duncan has been the face of the franchise for upwards of a decade, like Brady, and the team in general always gets it done without garnering the hype (much like the Pats).  This Spurs loss was the equivalent of the Pats just getting beat 42-0 by the 49ers (believe me, that’s not happening).  With that being said, here are my Points of Interest:

  • Bron’s block was the best block I’ve ever seen.  Splitter will forever be known by the play alone.  Still, though, Bron couldn’t do it without including some douche-baggery.  He swats the ball, then just stands their gloating like a fucking fool while his team runs down the floor.  Would Jordan or Magic or Kobe have stood there?? NO, they would run back to try to score because their focus was always winning, not throwing their dick around like a pompous shithead.


  • Mario Chalmers was the key to this game.  I’m a huge Kansas fan, so obviously Mario is my boy and I’m biased.  But, it’d be hard to argue that he didn’t win this game.  He pressured Tony Parker into 5 turnovers, ran the pick and roll to perfection, and used his silky jumper to put up 19 points.  If he keeps playing like this, this series is over.


  • Mike Miller is a very good basketball player.  I always liked Miller earlier in his career when he played for the Grizzlies because he was the rare white basketball player who wasn’t just a spot-up shooter or a stiff center (Kevin Love, Chandler Parsons, David Lee also fall into this category).  You could argue that Miller is nothing but a 3 point shooter, and it’s somewhat true at this point in his career, but he does a ton of unnoticed stuff on the court.  Makes great passes, dives all over the floor for loose balls, and rebounds with the big boys.  Basically, Miller’s got white-boy swag.  How the hell was Shane Battier getting minutes over Miller in the first place?? Battier can’t shoot, has no swag, and not to mention he’s got weird vertical lines on his bald head.


  • I love Kawhi Leonard.  This dude is 21 years old, and he basically never comes out of the game because he’s the only guy on the Spurs that can matchup with Lebron, and he accepts that challenge every game with no fear.  He plays on the wing and can shoot 3’s, but also has like an 8-foot wingspan and grabbed 11 rebounds in the 1st half alone.  Worst case scenario, I see Kawhi having an Andre Igoudala career, best case scenario he’s a poor-man’s Scottie Pippen


  • What’s up with the Heat fans doing the “Seven Nation Army” thing.  That’s the Ravens thing, stop trying to steal that shit.  You don’t see other mlb teams singing “Sweet Caroline” in the 8th inning- that’s the Sox thing.  Get your own tradition, you uncreative tan fucks!




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