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My Take on Tinder: The New


By this point you have obviously heard about the popular smartphone application Tinder. If you haven’t then you’ve been living under a fucking rock for the past few months, probably still have a Motorola Razr flip phone, and are really into ham and cheese sandwiches. And most of all, you’ve been missing out on all the fun and random sex imaginable.

Before I get ahead of myself I should say that I downloaded this app about a month ago and I didn’t really understand how it worked at first. In fact I had no idea. I downloaded it when my fellow Philosophizer, Jay, was in Baltimore for the night and we absolutely destroyed this hotel downtown with some random people that we might as well have met on Tinder. Hanging around waiting for the night to transpire, I started to Tinder in a mean way liking every single person and swiping every chick to the right, but what I didn’t realize is that I was playing the game. And that’s pretty much how I see Tinder, a big game of Who’s Hot and Who’s Not.

That’s all good and everything, but when you get matched with someone you run into the same exact thing that happens in reality. It’s a classic game of two people, who think each other are attractive, but neither of them is willing to admit it to themselves or one another, and thus nothing happens and life goes on. The thing about this application though is that the only way to see it in its purest form (a dating game I guess) would be to completely deny the fact that it’s creepy as fuck. There’s only one problem. It’s impossible….because it IS creepy as fuck. I haven’t reached this level of creeped out since the MySpace days, and let me just say, it got weird back then. I didn’t actually think it could get weirder, but goddamn you Tinder, you officially win.


Aside from the creepiness, what the Tinder craze has done is take everyone’s innate feelings and turn them into a big game of “In An Ideal Situation Would You Fuck Me Or Not?” An example of this playing out would be when a completely normal dude (take me for example) likes a smoking hot chick and doesn’t get a match out of it. It’s pretty much the equivalent of when you are trying to hit on a hot girl at a bar and getting the classic “I’m just here to look at people with my girlfriends, so get away” kinda look. I guess that’s probably why I haven’t used this application much. I’m not quite content with that exactly. Oh well. You live and you learn.

By the way, I know I could get a like out of that chick Jennifer up there. She has the Tinder angles. Let me know what you guys think about Tinder in the comments.



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