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Ice-T and Coco on Conan: Where Did Coco’s Thong Go? (Video)


This morning I went on expecting to catch up on the NSA monitoring scandal and other major stories of the day when I came across a video of Ice-T and Coco being interviewed on Conan. I instantly had to stop as I glanced across one of the headlines that read “Where Did Coco’s Thong Go.”  Obviously this instantly caught my attention expecting a story about how North Korea had stolen one of Coco’s thongs in an attempt to further annoy the United States and thus pushing us closer to nuclear war.  I was wrong though, sooo wrong.

Where did Coco’s Thong Go

Although Coco’s thong was the title of the video, it was Ice-T who stole the show for me.  Not only is he an accomplished actor and rapper with a celebrated career on the long standing crime drama Law & Order and with the rap group Body Count, he’s also married to the curvy Coco who has an attitude that can only be matched by Ice-T himself.  By the way, as I learned in the video clip he is also just a super hilarious guy.  Him and his wife (although mostly him) had me cracking up for the entire two minute clip CNN had up on their site.  Ice-T is just cracking jokes the whole time and at one point mentions how his wife’s ass is a cushion to prevent injury.  This of course is immediately after showing the Twitter pictures Ice-T had posted from their vacation with his seemingly nude wife tanning by the pool. Coco claims she is not nude, but rather that her “booty swallowed her thong up.” Coco also apparently is currently performing in a sort of burlesque show in Vegas which I guess Ice-T is cool with since shes being interviewed about it right next to him.  In my opinion Ice-T should start doing comedy because he is just a naturally funny guy who is clearly confident and doesn’t give a fuck what anyone else thinks, which I can’t say about many other actors and actresses that our world is plagued by today.  If you haven’t already, check out the video its hilarious and I guarantee you’ll love Ice-T by the end of it.

– Jayto Descartes


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