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Someone Get Titus Young Amanda Bynes’ Phone Number


There’s only one person we love more than Titus Young here at the Philo, and that’s Amanda Bynes. Even though Bynes used to have that “girl next door,” cute look about her, she still left your dick shrugging and asking, “What exactly am I looking at?” Now, she’s just got it crawling back inside itself asking to have the thought forcefully removed from your memories. After her diabolical downfall that included posting half-naked pictures to Twitter, getting arrested for throwing her bong out a window, and claiming her arresting officer touched her downstairs, she is back at it again and we can’t be more excited to witness the hilarity that will ensue.

Bynes apparently wants to record an album now!

This news comes right after Paris Hilton annouced last week that she is recording an EDM album, produced by none other than Afrojack. Bynes is not hitting the EDM scene though. She wants to be a rapper. I wish I was joking, but I’m not. She has the potential to be worse at rapping, than Brian Scalabrine is at playing basketball. Maybe this is all just an act so she can get closer to Drake and fulfill whatever messed up fantasies she has boiling in her head. I’m really not sure at this point.

But honestly, what is the world coming to right now? While I still have faith that the vast majority of people will shun these two losers and make them feel like absolute morons for thinking they could be successful artists, there are still people out there who will support them for their efforts. Thus, I have determined that the Bynes’ supporters today are the scum of the earth. If you can’t take one look at this broad’s Twitter account and determine that she’s mentally insane, then you yourself are mentally insane.

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One response to “Someone Get Titus Young Amanda Bynes’ Phone Number

  1. Paris

    Fuck you drake and Lil Wayne and Justin bieber murdered this vagina

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