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This is the End: Certainly Not for Seth Rogen and Crew


I went to see This is the End last night not feeling very optimistic that I’d be leaving the theater thinking “I may have just seen one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen,” but to my own surprise I did.  The movie is quite literally an hour and 45 minutes of non-stop comedy that will make you cry you’re laughing so hard.  This movie seems to embody the very best of all of our favorite characters from Superbad, Pineapple Express, 21 Jump Street, East Bound and Down, etc.

The movie starts off with Jay Baruchel (She’s Out of My League) and Seth Rogen reuniting to try to re-spark their friendship in LA.  Rogen eventually convinces Baruchel to go to a party at James Franco’s house despite Baruchel’s initial hesitation.  From then on the movie hits the switch and you will be gasping for air in between laughs while wiping the tears from your eyes.  You better buckle your seat belt and hold on for dear life as you watch one of the most debauchery filled, inappropriate, and at times straight up raunchy films possibly ever.  From Michael Cera drug induced slap of Rihanna’s ass to Craig Robinson starting an impromptu music session entitled Take Your Panties Off this movie will make you laugh more than Lebron’s face will be on ESPN this week.

The star-studded cast of Jonah Hill, James Franco, Aziz Ansari, Emma Watson, Kevin Hart, Paul Rudd, Channing Tatum (may be the funniest character in the whole movie even though he’s only in it for like 2 minutes), Christopher Mintz-Plasse ( McLovin), and Mindy Kaling (from The Office) will go places you never thought actors playing themselves would go.  Even going as far to make fun of themselves and possibly tarnish their national reputation.

I must say though Danny McBride (Kenny Powers) takes the cake for his performance in This is the End.  He puts every other comedian/actor in this movie to shame with his tough-party-guy take-no-shit from anyone attitude allows him to put Rogen and crew in their place multiple times.

If you are not planning on seeing this movie I suggest you chickitty check yourself before you wreck yourself.  While the movie does try to use some BS apocalypse story to explain why the world is ending, it does not interfere with the story and laughs in the slightest. In fact it actually makes the ending come together quite nicely with some twists you will definitely see coming but will laugh at all the same.  Don’t miss out on what cold be the funniest movie of the year.


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